Giveaway - writing gloves

čtvrtek 14. března 2019

You know that feeling. You’re writing, writing, writing… And then you’re freezing to death. That’s exactly the moment when you’ll put on your beloved sweater and exchange meaningful looks with your gloves which you can’t use, because you really need to work.

Or perhaps you have your very own writing gloves, but you keep thinking you would make good use of a new pair. If you suffer from cold, you’ll like this giveaway either way.

The reason why I’m writing this is because I’ve teamed up with Literary Book Gifts to give away one pair of fingerless cashmere writing gloves (52 USD Retail Price) suitable for writers or simply someone who uses a phone and has persistently cold hands. The winner can choose from any color, giveaway is open internationally.

Literary Book Gifts is a company that specializes in bookish gifts including clothing and tote bags. You can find here products based on classic literature such as Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights or even The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. And if you’re not really a fan of classics, you can always display your passion with book themed products such as entirely eloquent words „The End“ or a typewriter theme.

Literary clothing comes in many different colors and with its large collection makes a perfect gift for every bookworm. T-Shirts made from soft cotton fabric are decorated with vivid colors and will catch the eye of almost everyone.

And If you’re looking for a good-looking accessory and you want to take your books on a trip, you can try printed tote bags and display your love for books or even favorite story. Each piece is beautifully designed and made of canvas with black handles.

Book lover or librarian, reader or writer, it doesn’t matter. Literary Book Gifts offers a great deal of products suitable for every person who loves books.

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S Literary Book Gifts jsem se dohodla na giveaway bezprstých kašmírových rukavic, což se na první pohled nemusí jevit jako nic knižního, ale pro každého pisálka, kterému u klávesnice konstantně mrznou ruce, mohou představovat skvělý dárek.

Společnost se zabývá literárními dárky, většinou s potiskem klasik, ale jinak i několik obecných motivů pro každého knihomola. V jejich produkci najdete trička a plátěnky, což je také důvod, proč mi tahle soutěž přišla relevantní. Pro každého, kdo se chce zúčastnit – soutěž je otevřena mezinárodně, zúčastnit se můžete na mém Instagramu (odkaz výše).